October 1-3 , 2021 | Winona, MN

Judge: Rob Byers


Join us at the Minnesota Equestrian Center in Winona, MN! Our judge for the 2021 Octoberfest Horse Show will be Rob Byers from Simpsonville, Kentucky.


The 2020 Octoberfest Horse Show is governed by the Equine Sports Council. For more information visit EquineSportsCouncil.org. Anything not covered in the Octoberfest Prize Book will defer to the ESC General Rules.

Equine Sports Council is a non-member, non-profit Alabama Corporation dedicated to the support and growth of the horse show industry by creating a network of horse shows that all use the same standardized set of rules and guidelines, and giving back to the breeds and disciplines who support our network. Horse shows within ESC’s network are committed to providing a competition environment that promotes good sportsmanship, fair competition, and the highest standards of horsemanship. The welfare of the horse and the safety of exhibitors is paramount.

Individual horse shows that choose to join the ESC Network pay a registration fee, then collect $15 per Performance horse and $5 per Academy rider (per back number, not per class).  This fee constitutes a “contract” between the owner/exhibitor and Equine Sports Council wherein they are agreeing to abide by ESCs rules at that horse show.  These rules protect the horse show as well as the exhibitor, and 25% of the fees collected at a show are given back to the show as a marketing grant.